(V.O. God. Country, and Medicine)


A Challenge to Muslims-

Prove the Following Definition is False

Current Humanity's Definition of Islam

a malicious manipulation of the downtrodden and depressed by psychosocial vermin resulting in the

(1) death or disfigurement of the downtrodden and depressed
elevation or holiness of the psychosocial vermin
ultimate desecration of the god whom they both wish to have consecrated (through all of this lunacy as well as through its consequential and meaningless loss of life and loved)

A Message

All ye who would follow Me,
All ye who would
submit to Me,

Hear Me, for as Mohammed is My Prophet,
And as Jesus is My son,
And as Moses is My lawgiver
I am Allah and the Lord thy God.
Hear Me and listen well, for I am much in anger!

Oh ye sons of Ishmael, who murder your brother,
And say ye
yield to Me,
Hear me, for ye
yield NOT to My voice but to another -
A voice of hatred which is NOT Mine!
He who commits Holy Jihad against his brother
Shall reap his reward NOT in heaven,
But in the Seventh Pit of Damnation.

And also for thee, Ye sons of Isaac -
Yea, both Esau and Jacob -
Listen and hear me well,
for I am much displeased!

The land that I promised unto Abraham
I have given to all Isaac
1, and not just unto Israel.

Hear Me well, for more importantly,
The shrines that rise up to My Name -
A Name too holy to be uttered by you O Jacob
And called Allah by you, O Esau -
Are NOT to be used in vain.
Nay, I say these shrines are especially NOT to be used
To incite brother against brother.
For then they are used against ME,
And much against My Will.

Your tents, O Israel,
Are a haven for all Esau, all Abraham, and all Mankind.
Your domes, O Ishmael,
Are not just for followers of My prophet, Mohammed -
But need to be opened unto all Israel, all Abraham, and all Mankind.

Hear Me, and Listen well, for here is My Will:-
Brother and Brother - Esau and Israel - shall join hands
And there will rise up in Palestine a great nation - called "
Isaac" -
And Esau shall never again raise arms up against Jacob,
And Jacob shall forever renounce war against Esau,
And verily I say also
That Jacob shall no longer cheat Esau of any birthright.

And all ye who not only say but do submit to My Will -
All ye true believers and followers of My prophet, Mohammed -
Shall join hands as one great nation - the nation of "
And in this nation Isaac shall forever cherish his brother, Ishmael,
And Ishmael shall eternally adore his little brother, Isaac.

Verily I say that only AFTER this My Will be done
Can ye truly honor My Name,
Can ye completely
submit to My will,
Can ye honestly represent a lamp unto all the nations.

Hear Me, and Listen well -
And Look, and See as well
For it is ye who aid diminishing My might
And ye who are extinguishing My light.

1DVARIM 1:8 -"Behold, I have set before you the the land: go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to give to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give unto them, and to their seed after them."

-communicated by D.M.Delinferni, Jr.